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Enrico’s RootWorks Collection – The root of a great business

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Some key players in the RootWorks Collection

Since 2006 Enrico has been the premier source for handcrafted bowls, decorative items and serveware made from enigmatic reclaimed fir tree stumps from the mountains of Central China. We have pioneered not only product design advancements but production processes and quality assurance
measures without which this product line would not be the stellar collection it is today. Originally the only products being carved were bowls and baskets from the gnarled stumps, and trays made from crosscuts of the lower trunk sections. With the massive change in humidity from China to the US this style of bowl and tray was more prone to cracking – natural in any wood product but not very desirable in consumer goods, no matter how rustic and artistic. We refined the process by changing the rough processing of the stumps and several other critical interim production processes, resulting in not only more beautiful, but more durable products. In addition to process improvements we started specifying new products – more bowl sizes, more platters, and specialty items like the extremely popular salad servers – to create a broader assortment, taking advantage of this wonderful and beautiful material. The results speak for themselves, as this collection has become a mainstay in the Enrico line and created great success for RootWorks dealers across the country. We have concentrated hundreds of hours both in the US and abroad raising the standards for these root crafts, and over the years we’ve seen a number of companies try to either copy our collections or undersell us with inferior product, but all they have managed to do so far is underline just how well we’ve been doing it for over half a decade.

Enrico Bamboo Chopping Block Cutting Board Review by

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

The Enrico #1040 Bamboo Chopping Block received a great review from Fab Find Foodie. With comments like “I used it to serve an assortment of cheeses on and everyone commented on how lovely it was!”, it simply illustrates the dual purpose of a chopping block beautiful enough to be used for serving.

The Enrico Products Bamboo Chopping Block Cutting Board is extra thick, and made of high quality bamboo. A product of this caliber will last you for years! This professional cutting board is a two-tone bamboo sturdy enough for tough chopping jobs, yet beautiful enough to serve on!  My favorite part is the diagonal lamination design. It gives the board a unique depth of personality!

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