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RootWorks Advertising Copy from the 2007 Enrico Catalog

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Catalog_2007_v5[1] 1

Rootworks has become one of the most successful collections in the Enrico line.  The root products we’ve been developing since 2006 have been widely copied, as has our advertising copy and product photography.  In a strange way it’s a compliment that our competitors think so highly of our expertise in developing these root crafts and writing copy to support and explain the materials used.

 Here is one of the first collection descriptions of our RootWorks Collection, from the 2007 Enrico Catalog:

Each of our Carved Root products is uniquely beautiful and stands alone as a work of natural art. RootWorks items are carved from a species of Chinese Fir called Shan Mu, which grows abundantly in the mountains of Central China. Shan Mu lumber is used for a wide variety of products in China including construction, crates, and some furniture. RootWorks raw materials come from stumpage left by logging operations, the removal of which allows faster re-growth of newly planted seedlings. Each gnarled stump is then transformed by skilled carvers into the gorgeous and unique RootWorks products we proudly import. The result is an impressive, one-of-a-kind piece that will garner endless compliments. These pieces can either stand alone as eye-catching display items, or be used as a stunning serving piece. The lacquer finish which protects and magnifies the natural beauty of RootWorks products is safe for food contact, although we do not recommend RootWorks for hot food service. Due to the natural fissures and knotholes possible in each piece we cannot guarantee our bowls or platters will contain liquid reliably.  RootWorks products should occasionally be treated with a light wax or oil product to help brighten their luster. In dry climates some RootWorks items may develop checks or cracks over their lifetime, which is a natural occurrence in products carved from single pieces of raw wood.

RootWorks – Serving with natural flair

Monday, April 4th, 2011


Large Serving Platter with Bowl and Tapas Plate

In 2006, when we first encountered the hand-carved wood bowls that would later become our RootWorks collection, we didn’t know just how far the items would evolve, all we knew then was that they inspired us and created instant affinity and reaction in everyone who saw them.  In the five years since that auspicious find we’ve turned RootWorks into a nationwide phenomena and tailored the production process and materials used to a point where RootWorks is a tabletop staple for creative homeowners, caterers, and hospitality services all over America and beyond.  The bowls, platters, and utensils in the RootWorks collection bring a unique sensibility to the table, blend effortlessly with a multitude of styles of china and metal tabletop elements, and have the perfect combination of beauty and utility we look for in all of our product collections.  Each item is its own little natural sculpture, marrying the individual talents of our artisans with the unusual nature of Chinese Fir, and the source is what we call “eco-intelligent”, meaning it is part of a process that draws from sustainable wood supplies, and is packaged and handled for maximum benefit with as little impact on the waste stream as possible.  Finding RootWorks was a lightning strike – nurturing it for over half a decade and watching the smiles of those who buy it is a long-term benefit.