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Tips and Tricks: Scratch Repair

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Ever get a scratch in one of your Enrico bowls? Unfortunately it happens sometimes. Here are some repair methods:
-Try rubbing a pecan or walnut across the scratch. The oily meat of these nuts is a simple natural scratch filler.
-Raid the kids’ crayons for a matching color. Just rub over the scratch until it’s filled and gently scrape away any excess, then buff it up. Waxy eyebrow pencils work too!
-Bars of paraffin wax are a cheap and easy scratch and crack filler.
-Tibet Almond Stick, available at most woodworking stores, is a waxy stick that glides on and practically erases scratches and small cracks.
-A simple wax/oil combination like the type from General Finishes fills small scratches and imperfections, plus it buffs up nicely and smells great! We use this handy product to keep the showroom samples gleaming.
-Oil putty, which comes in a huge variety of intermixable colors, is easy to use and is great for products that won’t be used for food contact.
-For cracks or gouges all the way into the wood try a wood filler. Once cured, these colored fillers may be sanded and lacquered like real wood.

La Cucina Italiana features the Enrico Grater!

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Weighty, reliable and high-performance, this is the Bugatti of cheese graters. It was designed by Enrico Ratti, who worked as a carpenter for a wealthy family near Castagneto, Italy, at the turn of the century. He fell in love with their daughter, Luisa, and when the family rebuffed his marriage proposal, the couple eloped to the U.S. They found that America lacked many tools for cooking with Italian ingredients, so Enrico designed this countertop grater to handle their beloved hard cheeses. This Acacia model is the modern version of his design—outfitted with a foot that stabilizes it on the counter, a drawer for catching the cheese, and two dynamically sharp blades that either shred your Parmigiano-Reggiano or grind it to a snowy powder. It never leaves our counter, and it should have a home on yours, too.
-La Cucina Italiana Magazine, Sep/Oct 2011

Enrico tabletop takes center stage at the Hazen Seattle showroom

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Hazen and Associates on the fourth floor of Pacific Market Center in Seattle is home to Enrico Products’ hot line of tabletop in the Northwest region. The Seattle Gift Show runs from today, August 10th, through August 16th. Make your way in and visit with Catherine and our territory reps to see the whole line of quality wooden tabletop, gift, and gourmet including new additions to RootWorks and Mangocraft, and the rest of the long-time winners in reclaimed and sustainable yield materials. Our line is eco-intelligent, using materials and resources wisely while bringing great design and utility to the home and kitchen. Bowls, platters, serveware, vases, urns, utensils, gadgets? We are your source! Visit to learn more about this great team!

Enrico at the San Francisco Gift Show – August 6-9, 2011

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Visit Jim from Enrico at the Morgan & Co. showroom for our first outing at the San Francisco Gift Show, August 6-9, 2011. This is our first show in the San Francisco area since the last Gourmet Housewares Show left in 2009. The new Enrico catalog of hand-crafted wholesale tabletop and gift items in gorgeous reclaimed woods and sustainable, eco-intelligent materials is on display starting tomorrow. Our newest catalog is also available and you can meet our new Northern California sales reps. Stop by and see the whole collection including RootWorks, Mangocraft, Acacia Tree, and Casual Dining!

Seattle Gift Show just around the corner…

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Visit our newest Enrico display during the Seattle Gift Show in the Hazen & Associates showroom, Suite 481, Pacific Market Center in Seattle. The show runs August 10-16 and the entire collection of wholesale tabletop, gift, and gourmet products including the newest additions to RootWorks and Mangocraft will be on display. Our reclaimed wood bowls and decorative accessories in mango, acacia, teak, and carved Chinese fir fit successfully into so many retail assortments and have a broad range of price points. From the startlingly unique bowls and platters in the RootWorks collection to the hot colors of Casual Dining, Enrico offers a diverse collection of winners in eco-intelligent, environmentally sound products with great design and natural aesthetic appeal. Check out for more information!