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Enrico heads into fourth quarter with optimism

Friday, September 21st, 2012

After a great round of Summer shows and fantastic response all year to the new additions in our line, we’re very optimistic about the potential for a strong fourth quarter. All year we’ve seen growth and strength from our core of independent retailers, which tells us consumers are confident and spending, and that they love what we’re offering. We continue to pursue high-value reclaimed and sustainable yield materials for our extensive line of tabletop, gift, and decorative items, and present those materials in unique and beautiful ways.

We’re also continuing to fight the good fight in other eco-intelligent ways: one of our major customers wants us to re-pack every item in either a poly-bag or bubble wrap and we’re negotiating to use recyclable paper packing as we have always done. We are always working to optimize use of our container space so we are not shipping empty space, and we’re constantly striving to reduce waste at the factory level, and pushing for proper disposal and recycling practices – we even use our mango wood shavings to fire the drying kilns.

The marketplace is bustling, new designs and colors for 2013 are on the work tables, and we think 2012 is going to wind up being one of the best years on record! Look for new items in our reclaimed mango Casual Dining Collection, new teak items in EcoTeak, and some dazzling additions on the decorative end of the Enrico range.